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Obviously There Can’t Be Any More Mommy-Daughter Weekends.

  • July 25, 2011

Dave and Matthew went out of town last weekend leaving Lauren and I home to fend for ourselves. Getting those stinky boys out of the house is always nice, and Lauren and I like to plan special things to do together. Spending time with Lauren is, after all, priceless, and we’re making memories that will last a lifetime.

Holy freaking bleeding wallet.

Lunch at Panera $
Fake eyeglasses (she has about 5 pairs and can probably account for two of them) and big, blingin’ Hello Kitty ring at Claire’s Boutique*
Bunch of hoochie mama clothes semi-inappropriate for eight-year-old at Justice
Take out dinner from Macaroni Grill
Two theater tickets, popcorn, and candy
Quarter for wishing well thingie at the mall (that’s just like throwing money away)$.25

Spending time with my daughter? Priceless.


Okay not really. All those recipts were like bursting out of my wallet. I had to bust out the calculator when we got home just to reconcile my checkbook.

* Oh hi, Claire’s Boutique? Yeah, I’m *not* sorry for almost knocking over that rack of earrings with my ass. Make your freakin’ store bigger or limit the number of middle schoolers wandering around inside. Your choice.

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