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Hey guess what? Someone asked me to be a guest blogger again!

  • August 5, 2010

Hey everyone,

My friend Penne over at Little Girl Big Glasses is on vacation this week and I’m not. She asked me if I would guest blog in her absence and I said, “Sure!”

I recycled my I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Post because I can hardly get new posts written for my own blog and Penne said I could.

Penne is my best friend that I’ve never met but that’s only because we are limited by geographical constraints. She is a fabulous writer and she’s hilarious (she doesn’t rely on f-bombs to be funny like I do.) She has also graciously offered to be one of my beta readers when my book is done.

So please head over to Penne’s blog and check her out and start following her so you don’t miss any of her awesome posts.

And thanks again to Penne, my sista from anotha mista!


Someone Actually Asked Me To Be A Guest Blogger!

  • December 17, 2009

A little over a month ago I came home from work to find this in my e-mail inbox:


Just wanted to let you know that my friend Stephanie and I think you are HILARIOUS. We’ve decided to spend the rest of our work day reading your blog instead of being productive.

Thanks for being funny.

Taylor K


Taylor took the time to write me the above note to tell me how much she liked my blog and frankly, it made my whole day. I love when the blogosphere sends me new friends because I believe you can never have too many.

This month, Taylor has been featuring posts from guest bloggers called “I Believe.” I was honored that Taylor asked me to participate. You can read my list of things I believe in and discover Taylor’s awesome blog at Totally Tay.

Thanks for letting me play Taylor! You are awesome 🙂


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