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General FAQs
Interview/guest post requests/book clubs/and personal appearances FAQ
Charitable donations and giveaways FAQs

General FAQs

Will you read my book if I send you a copy?

I love reading, and I would love to read every book that is offered, but my TBR pile is in serious danger of toppling over. I also have manuscripts to beta read and/or write blurbs for, and those take precedence over everything else. I’m one of those authors who can’t read anything when they’re at a certain stage in the writing process, so my reading time is very limited right now.

Will you review my book for me?

I don’t write reviews anymore. Authors writing reviews for other authors has come under fire as a conflict of interest which is unfortunate because writers are often voracious readers and when I love a book I want to shout it from the rooftops (and leave reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads). However, in light of some recent changes to review policies I will no longer be writing reviews. But if I enjoy your book I will definitely recommend it on my personal Facebook page and also my author page.

Can I be your beta reader?

The beta reading stage is one of the most important stages on the way to a book’s publication. It’s also extremely stressful for the author (or at least it is for me). This is my baby, and showing it to someone for the first time can be quite nerve-wracking. Also, beta reading can be hard work and requires a fast turn-around. I have a trusted list of beta readers and do not have a need to add to the list at this time. Believe it or not, too many beta readers can actually be counter-productive.

I’m an aspiring writer and I’d love to connect with you in person to discuss my manuscript and/or the publishing industry. Could we meet for coffee, lunch, dinner, or wine?

I receive invitations like this frequently and while it’s always an honor to be asked, my writing schedule of 9-3 makes it difficult to break away during the day. My evenings are set aside for family time, and for shuttling my children wherever they need to be.

Can I send you my manuscript?

Unfortunately, there’s really nothing I can do with your manuscript. Sending it to me (especially unsolicited) will not get you any closer to your goal of publication because I’m not an agent or a publisher and therefore cannot help you. If you want to pursue a traditional publishing contract you’ll have to write a query letter and send it to agents. If you want to self-publish, you don’t need anyone’s help because you are the publisher. See my ‘Self-publishing FAQs’ above.

I have a really great story to tell, but I can’t write. Will you write my story or co-author it with me?

Unfortunately, I’m unable to write anyone else’s story. I take the ideas I can’t get out of my head and turn them into books, and I have enough ideas floating around in my brain to last me for a long time. But I encourage anyone who has a story to tell to give it a try themselves – they might be pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoy getting their story down on paper.

When will the On the Island movie be out? Do you have any say in the casting?

I don’t have any movie news to pass on at this time. MGM has optioned the rights for a feature film and screenwriters have been invited to pitch the studio. I’ve been cautioned that Hollywood moves quite slowly, but if/when there is any information to pass on I will definitely post it on my blog, FB, and Twitter. Unfortunately, I do not have any say in who is cast in the film (but I’m going to lobby hard for John Goodman to play seaplane pilot Mick because he would be super awesome).

Interview/guest post requests/book clubs/and personal appearances FAQ

Will you write a guest post for my blog or answer interview questions?

Due to manuscript deadlines, as of October 1st, 2013, I am unable to commit to new requests for Q&A’s and guest blog posts (this does not include requests I’ve already said yes to). However, if you are a member of the media you may contact my publicist, Amanda Walker.

Will you come to my book club meeting?

I have attended many book club meetings in the last year (and I’ve had an absolute blast!). But I am currently at capacity for book clubs and will not be able to commit to attending any additional meetings until spring. My publisher has also asked that I give precedence to book clubs whose meetings I have not already attended.

Charitable donations and giveaways FAQs

Can you provide a signed copy of your book(s)and/or swag for my blog anniversary, “likes” celebration, raffle, fundraiser, or other contest/giveaway?

I get these requests on a daily basis, and I am more than happy to help out. Please include the link to your review of my book(s) with your request.

Will you make a charitable donation to ………………………..?

I currently make regular donations to the following charities: The Humane Society, The Animal Rescue League of Iowa, and Hope Ministries (a homeless shelter in Des Moines).

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