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The Trade Paperback of Covet Is Available Today!

  • April 29, 2014

Hello, everyone!

Today is the release of the trade paperback of Covet, with theĀ beautiful new cover! Will I be at Target tonight, taking a picture of it on the shelf? You bet I will (plus we’re getting low on paper towels and laundry detergent, so I’ll be there anyway).

Here’s a quick recap of where you can buy it:

Barnes & Noble
Wal-Mart (select stores)
Airport bookstores
Canada – Indigo, Chapters, & Amazon

And don’t forget, the e-book of Covet is still on sale for $5.99 through May 21st.

When Covet was released in hardcover, many of you sent me pictures of yourselves holding the book. I loved these “in the wild” photos and hope you’ll send them again (please direct them to [email protected]). If you do, I’ll send you a signed bookplate created by Bookplate Ink. It will look like this:

A bookplate is a fancy name for a sticker that you can peel off and affix to the inside cover or title page of the book (or wherever you want to put it).

My publisher has decided to up the ante a bit and has generously offered to send a copy of the trade paperback of On the Island (signed by me!) to the first thirty people who send in a picture of themselves with their copy of the trade paperback of Covet. Everyone who sends in a photo after that will also receive a bookplate.

Disclaimers: You do not have to buy anything. This is meant to be along the same lines as last September’s hardcover launch of Covet when I sent out signed bookplates. Basically, if you’ve been planning to buy the trade paperback of Covet and you pick it up sometime in the next week or two, I’d love to see a snapshot of you holding your copy (and you’ll receive a bookplate and signed copy of On the Island).

I will post your pictures on my Facebook author page, so smile pretty. šŸ™‚

Thanks, everyone!!

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