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Final Day Of The Giveaway – Win A Kindle DX!

Wow! Yesterday’s comments just blew me away. Reading about who everyone’s favorite secondary characters are was very enlightening. Looks like Bones was the clear favorite, followed by Ben, Sarah, and T.J. and Anna’s parents.

I took notes, everyone. Oh yes I did.

I’m also thrilled to announce that the winners of yesterday’s Nook Color tablets are :

Entry #40Whitney B.
Entry #17Gina H.
Entry #8, Ashley C., already won on day 2 of the giveaway so the rafflecopter chose a third name. I’m sorry, Ashley C.

If you are one of the winners, please send me your full name and shipping address to: [email protected]. I’ll order your Nook as soon as I have the information. Congratulations!!

A Kindle DX is up for grabs in today’s giveaway. In the comments section, tell me what item you would most want to have if you were stranded on a deserted island. As a bonus, I’ll award a $50 Amazon gift card to the commenter with the most creative answer. Hint: not necessarily the most practical item (so don’t say, like, waterproof satellite phone).

There are many winners from the first two days of the giveaway who have not claimed their prizes yet. Please check this post and this post to see if you’ve won.

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  1. a human being. Any human being. Somebody I didn’t even tolerate in my life “inland” so that we would have to forcefully get acquainted and survive. We would be BFF’s by the time we were saved and made it home!! 🙂

  2. Okay.. I would take my purse… I have everything in there; gum, hand sanitizer, iPod ,headphones, tissues, Kindle,.. somehow I would need a solar charger.. but the best thing to have would be my own version of T.J… would never be a dull moment 🙂

  3. Hi Tracey!

    I agree with Danielle Grater. I too would bring a razor for the very same reason.

    But first and foremost and without a doubt, I would bring my toothbrush! 🙂

  4. I agree with whoever said another men, preferably a hot one. But he can be average looking too. No doubt after months of being stuck on an island with dehydration seeping in any man will look like Ryan Gosling! No need for baby oil with Mr. Don Juan around helping me out and fulfilling the hours with loads of entertainment. Could I sneak in some birth control though? I mean nothing would ruin the fun faster than getting knocked up and having a slew of babies ala The Blue Lagoon. Then again…I’d have plenty of milk to provide for everyone! This comment doesn’t paint a pretty pic of me does it? 🙂

  5. I would want a library, so I would never get bored, and could continue to go on adventures in my mine.

  6. If I were stranded, I would want to have a picture of my husband and my two boys (2 1/2 and 11 weeks). I would want to be able to see their happy faces. It would be the one thing to give me hope of getting off that island!

  7. I posted on goodreads earlier today, but wanted to post here too.

    If I were stranded, I would want to have a picture of my husband and my two boys (2 1/2 and 11 weeks). I would want to be able to see their happy faces. It would be the one thing to give me hope of getting off that island!

  8. A big ole tub of vaseline. My lips are so dry, I use it multiple times each day. Plus, it would work as a moisturizer for my skin!

  9. A deserted island… hmm… I would bring a special machine that misted scentless (because I hate the smell of that stuff) bug spray at least 100 feet in all directions. I hate all things that crawl, fly, or bite, and I might go insane without a glorious machine such as this. Or WAIT. Scratch that. I’d bring a sexy man that bugs/all wildlife hated (because he was a mutant or something–Hugh Jackman please?), and then I’d just plaster myself to him and be perfectly fine. 😀

  10. Kinda a tough question….but here I go;
    Like others I would love to bring my Kindle or a book or a phone but thats unrealistic…I mean water and electronics don’t mix…
    Then maybe I think about BOB, but what if my batteries would run out…?? I’d be screwed !! lol
    I’d like to bring my hubby, but I think he may drive me nuts in the end…
    A photo album…make me miss everyone even more and again….water would ruin it…
    I guess there is ALOT that I WANT to take with me…and I can’t limit it to just one thing….so I think from now on everytime I get on a plane I’m going to put all my basic necessities (deoderant, soap, toothbush/paste, sunscreen, a copy of On the Beach, chapstick, hair brush/elastic, analgesics, bottle of water, razor, favorite family photo and a bathing suit) in a heavy duty ziploc bag and tie it to my ankle and hope to hell like a good baggy it follows me !!

  11. One thing I would take on a deserted island…hmmmm – what a tough question…maybe my camera? I love taking pictures and it’d be fun to have nothing but time on my hands and my camera to wander around taking pics and finally figuring out what all those settings are really for!! Great give away!

  12. Ummmm….I would need my keurig and of course kcups…..BUT I also couldn’t go without my anxiety meds….panic attack alone on an island ….true story~I would die!!!!!


  13. If I were stranded the noun I’d want most is my boyfriend Dave. We have been together for almost a year and a half and haven’t gone more than a day without talking to each other in some way (text,call,email,etc). We have done the long distance thing for almost a year of our year and a half and I doubt we could deal with the non communication the island would create. Between the two of us we are fond of those deserted island shows so I think we could pool our knowledge and survive for a bit. Although if there were a tsunami I dunno how well we’d do like Anna and TJ. 🙂

  14. First, I want to say that I LOVED “On the Island.” If I was stranded on a desert island, I would want to have a hot and useful man to keep me…ahem…company and help find food. 🙂

  15. If there was a guy with me condoms! LOL A great way to pass the time but I definitely do not want to have an island baby. This is always the first thing I think of when people are trapped on an island. I fully admit to my dirty and practical mind. Also books would be seriously helpful to keep me entertained.

  16. I would bring a few books, my favorites, so I can keep busy until someone comes to save me:-)

    Nicoleta D.

  17. I would need another person with me. The second choice would be pen and paper. I can at least write stories then.

  18. Well, as long as my husband does not read this I am going to have to tell the truth and say I would hands down definitely bring a man with me. Specifically a very hot, younger, funny, single, and caring younger man. I am 42 so maybe around 35 would be good for me. Of course, he would also have to be very horny and heterosexual! We can light our own fire!

  19. I’d take a never ending bottle of moisturizer… my skin gets FRIED in the sun, and it can double as shampoo in a pinch. I’m fairly good at amusing myself, although living with no books or music would be sad, but if my skin feels icky it drives me bonkers – FAST!

  20. I would take my ipad with a thousand books, and a small solar panel to charge it. I wouldn’t want to be without a book for one night, let alone 2 years.

  21. A camera (not very practical, i know) But I wondered while reading if Anna realized how much she changed? She oviously noticed T.J., but she must have undergone quite a change herself. Was it quick or slow? And imagine the story they could tell with pictures! It would also serve as a soutce of hope. Someday I will develop these pictures…

  22. I would need both my sons first day home outfits from when they were babies. They remind me of where we start and where we end up. My first born was only 3 pound 5 1/2 ounces when he was born and 15 and 3/4 inches long. Now at 5 he is a tall string bean….oh how far we can come, how resilient!

  23. K. I was thinking hard about this and I keep coming back to the same thing. I’d bring one of my copies of The Bronze Horseman, my favourite book. Alexander is my #1 book boyfriend and I have a hard time believing that he’s not real so I might as well bring him along for company. Plus, the book would keep me warm and cozy, cause it’s that kind of book. 😉 Lastly, it would help me to realize that there are people who have lives that are a lot worse than mine.

  24. Anything?? Really? Besides the obvious books and my husband when I’m not mad at him and my daughter…a fully stocked kitchen that STAYS fully stocked, with a great wine bar….that would always stay stocked. If I have to be on a deserted island, I don’t want to starve. And since it’s deserted, I’ll have plenty of time to perfect my cooking. 🙂

  25. A fully stocked wine cellar. I could sleep in it, Sip some good wine while watching sunset, after sunset, after sunset, after sunset. And if anyone came to rescue me I would already have a thank you gift. (I am hospitable like that)

  26. I’m pretty sure I just wet myself, I’m so excited about this giveaway! You are too good to your readers….I still want to win though, so be good! Be good! 🙂

  27. I think my daughter sabotaged my last post as I thinks she is scared I might win and not her lol so apologies if it appears twice but here goes..I would take my two jack russell dogs Chloe and Milo. They would be quite hopeless at hunting as they only love the thrill of the chase not the capture especially their own tails. Sometimes they are smelly which isnt so great when they still want to cuddle up but they offer so much love and never fail to amuse me with their latest daft antics.

  28. I would WANT Ryan Gosling. I wouldn’t even care if we ever got rescued. That man is sooo pretty;)

  29. I would take you Tracey, just because I would never get bored plus you know how to kill a shark!!

  30. I would hope for a huge pad and pencil. Maybe being stuck on an island would mean I could finally try to write the book I’ve always dreamed of writing 🙂

  31. An iPod loaded with music. As much as it can handle. Thousands of songs.

    So, one question…what if no one claims their prizes? I’m still hoping for a copy of On the Island 😛

  32. This is so cool! Hoping I’ll win this time. As to your question, I would say Swiss knife. It’s the most useful tool that you can have if you’re going through an island survival like Anna & TJ.


    1. Sorry to repeat my answer. I just wanna explain further why Swiss knife. It’s simply because it is a multi-functional tool. If you have it, you could build or create other tools with. You may make fire, prepare your food or use it as a defense if there are wild animals around.


  33. I would need a mosquito net, them little suckers just love me! I would sure be sick just like T.J. if I didn’t have one, but baby oil would be in my top 5….LOL

  34. Is it weird that I was actually thinking about this very question the other day? I would say solar powered kindle, but other fans have said that already. So, second on my list would be a really well made, durable bra. I know it may be crazy, but I don’t think I could stand having the girls flapping in the wind all over the island. Know what I mean? 🙂

  35. I think I would bring a crochet hook and yarn. One I could crochet blankets and clothing and also I think it would help me not go crazy…no seriously. LOL

  36. I would have to say my kindle. That way I could have more than one of my favorite books with me to read and re-read depending on how long I’m stranded. I also would have my favorite characters with me so I wouldn’t be alone on the island. Let’s just hope the battery would last!

  37. My first choice would be my family but that would technically be more than one item, and would it really be an item? So, I’d have to say a loaded kindle. It would be my saving grace to stimulate my mind. Hopefully there would be a survival book and a first aid book on there, as well. I think if I was to win your giveaway, those would be the second and third things I’d put on it after On the Island, of course. And at some point, maybe they’d invent satellite network so I could email someone to rescue me when I was ready to go back.

  38. I would bring ice cream. I know it would probably melt straight away so it would be a stupid thing to bring but I can’t live without ice cream. Anyway, I’d probably need the ice cream due to being so depressed about being stranded on a deserted island!

  39. Huh..hard one..what I WANT? Definetely my iPad 2( can’t live without it) full of books to keep me company. Also, at least some kind of cover and shelter (since I hate sand on every nook we can think of it..).. And can I wish for TJ??? (my Hubby is smart like him, but ths is a fantasy Right??)

  40. I would want a pen and paper. I couldn’t imagine not being able to record my thoughts and feelings. Trust me, I wish I could choose a Kindle, but how would I be able to record all of the thoughts and feelings that could be MY next book? 🙂

  41. I would bring a kindle with a never ending supply of books loaded on it (or wifi) to get more books!

  42. I would bring my copy of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I never get tired of reading it and if I probably wouldn’t be able to survive like TJ and Anna because I have no outdoor skills whatsoever. If I have to die, might as well go out doing something I love.

  43. As much as he drives me nuts sometimes and he probably would on the island, I would want my hubby. He is like friggin’ Macgyver, so we would survive.

  44. If I was stranded on a desert island, I could not be without my Kindle. Need to be able to read about all the gorgeous men in the different books. My imagination is a dangerous thing 🙂

  45. A survival kit defiitely – I have zero survival skills. I’d probably be curled up in a cave somewhere (heh heh). My husband would be a good survivalist, I think – so, I might want him, too! 😉

  46. From the story, they had smarts enough to survive, so survival skills is what I would want to have if I landed an island, with a MAN.

  47. It seems practical, but my Kindle (and a way to keep it charged indefinitely. My Kindle is my most favorite thing ever and can entertain me forever.

  48. If I was stranded on a desert island I would deffinatley want a kindle. It would have all the books I wanted on it, but that would be if the created a way for it to never die! LOL! I guess after reading on the Island I would say seeds, do they make seeds that grow tacos or cheesburgers?? Or hopefully I was the practical packer that Anna was and brought all that soap and toilitries. But then insensitive me I’d want a spotlight that I could shine in the sky and tell people Hey Look Im right here, come get me off this dang island I need some food and a shower!!!!

  49. If I were stranded on a desert island… Well this is fantasy right? Hands down, I would have to say George Clooney!!! I thought about Richard Gere but he’s a little too… Yes, George it is!!!! 🙂

  50. My Nook Glow is the first thing I pick up when I leave the house….. just let me know I am going to be stranded first so I can load my complete book library on it and find or invent some solar power to keep it charged…… then I would be okay….

  51. I’m a nature guy, so if I were stranded on an island I’d want the basics. At least a knife, preferable a machete. That way I could start making a shelter and other items like spears for hunting food, etc.

    Unpractical item: book(s)!!

  52. I would go crazy very quickly without a person to talk to. I would take a tall dark and handsome man! What else?

  53. I would want chapstick. I hate dry chapped lips. It would drive me crazy. Of course a hot guy will go a long way to helping that too. LOL

  54. I would bring SURVIVORMAN Les Stroud. Yah, I think he’s cute. Yah, he would keep me alive and well fed and he is so informative, he could teach me alot. Live long and prosper on a island!!! Woohoo!

  55. Sunscreen. Sounds very boring, I know. But, it could serve as lotion and protection. I hate dry skin and I don’t want skin cancer either.

  56. I would want to bring my family (Husband, son and daughter) atleast it would feel like home.

  57. Tracey – Can I bring you? You obviously did research with On The Island and could devise some plan for food/water and what we need to do to stay alive. (Right?!) We could share stories of our favorite books and characters, you could share your ideas for your next novel…and if a survival kit and well packed carry on washed ashore (after all, we know more what to pack after reading On The Island…just in case!), that would be even better!

  58. It would definitely have to be my Kindle. But one that actually still works properly.
    And Kellan Kyle. Definitely Kellan Kyle.

  59. I would take a fishing pole and an endless supply or Margaritas. I’m a stay home mom & that’s about as close to a heavenly vacation away from the kid I can hope for! Lol!

  60. A book on how to survive in the wild. I had to ask my husband to demonstrate how TJ started the fire with his shoelace contraption because I could not for the life of me picture it. At least I have one small piece of knowledge if I ever need to start a fire…and hopefully have a shoelace too!

  61. My husband.

    If he wasn’t available (fantasy football and all) I’d request a solar powered vibrator.

    Kidding. Only a little though. :/

  62. Hmmmm practical or not?? My impractical items would be toilet paper, beer and my Kindle. Practical a knife and some sunscreen.

  63. Well that depends, does this island have free wifi? Ok, probably not, in that case I’m gonna have to get really honest here and say a mega package of toilet paper. One with at least 20 rolls in it. I don’t know how long I’m going to be stuck there and I don’t dare use any of those leaves. Who knows what could happen!

  64. I’m torn between a hottie to help entertain myself with and a book title “A Million and One Recipes to Survive a Deserted Island.”

    So maybe a hottie with a photographic memory that’s read the recipe book…hey, it could happen. 🙂

    Sarah Dosher

  65. A spork there’s so much you can do with a spork! You can dig make a weapon and eat with it! I would want a metal one not the plastic cafeteria kind:)

  66. I’d take a case of Duct tape….you could make anything with that stuff! Clothes, traps, maybe even a boat! Plus I wouldn’t have to wax, LOL!

  67. I would for sure need undies. And perhaps a lighter and dental floss. You know what Pretty Woman says…’you should never neglect your gums!’

  68. A Kindle loaded with awesome books! I’d need something to fill my time. If I could take two things, it would include a fully stocked tiki bar with an endless supply of ice. Oh, and a glass!

  69. Everyone has such practical answers. But I think after a journal and a pencil to write stories…I’d want my kitty cat. (Don’t tell my husband and kids)
    But seriously, he’s cuddly and doesn’t talk back. Plus…he could hunt little rodents and things. Not that I’d eat them..

  70. Carter Oosterhouse from HGTV. Not only could he build us a shelter and water filtering system, he could provide endless hours of entertainment.

    Shhh. Don’t tell my hubby. 😉

  71. I would have to bring a thick journal that would include some pencils w/ pencil sharpener. That way I could write & draw and not feel so alone. 🙂

  72. As much as I would like to say my computer or Kindle, it’s not practical. The battery would run out within a week. (or in my case, in a few days. Can’t stop reading all these fantastic new books!)

    So, something realistic. For me, if the only thing that washed up on shore was sunscreen, I’d take it. I burn, burn, burn in the sun and I would think it would help me (at first) acclimate to the exposure.

    Something secondary, (and not exactly something people travel with, unless maybe you’re a chef) is a chef’s knife. It would make for a great survival tool, food prep, defensive weapon, and it can be sharpened on a rock fairly well.

  73. Keira Knightley, 1) she is super hot and 2) she already escaped from a deserted island in the moves, so must know what she is doing.

  74. I would have to bring a friend who has remembered to stop by my house to pick up all my essentials to include my Kindle! Can’t leave home without it. I don’t think I could stand myself if I couldn’t read my books!!! Also, wouldn’t hurt for my friend to be TJ! 🙂

  75. A barista that looks just like T.J.
    AND a endless supply of pumpkin spice frappes.
    What more is there to hope for?
    Plus if I had T.J. with me, he’d know exactly what to do!!!

  76. Those little tablets to put into water to make it safe to drink. Without drinkable water, you’re toast.

    It’s so hard to think about narrowing a choice down to one item. Water would be paramount but I get stressed thinking about being without my medications.

  77. I would have to say that I would take my cat! He’s my favorite companion to have around. I can talk with him, and pretend he talks back. I would of chosen my kids, or my husband, but I’m thinking if I was on a deserted island, I would want to relax and I really can’t do that when I’m trying to be wife & mother! My cat, well….he’s pretty self sufficient. Sooooo, yea….I’d take my cat.

  78. I would want an unlimited supply of one a day contact lenses…I am basically blind without them and it would be very difficult to do anything else on the island if I couldn’t see! A big book of crossword puzzles would be entertaining but not quite as useful

  79. Hi!

    My answer is not going to be that interesting but it’s what I would want so… I would take a notepad and a pen. I love to write and I think I’d go crazy if I was on a desert island without something to release the tension and just pour out what I think and feel even if through firctional characters. My answer is such lame…

    Good luck everybody!

  80. Wine. Red. Ok, I really would have to say toothpaste. I can’t stand it when my teeth feel like there is fuzz growing on them! Plus, we wouldn’t want my teeth to turn gray from all the red wine! Haha!

  81. Can that be a person? because all I can think of is Cast Away and how INSANE I would become if I didn’t have anyone to talk too…. AND is there anyway it can be some smoking’ hot guy that one day I will marry? 😀

  82. I would have to say a book bag full of books. Really good books… the kind you want to read over and over again… the ones that you get lost in the story and they transport you to another place and another time. (I wanted to say my Kindle loaded with books because it holds way more than any book bag could, but then I remembered there would be nowhere to plug in my charger LOL)

  83. Assuming that I ended up on the deserted island without any of my personal possessions, I would have to choose my glasses. I cannot see past my arm’s length so I would pretty much die without them. Just the thought of this hypothetical misery is making me want to schedule my LASIK procedure today!
    I do like the baby oil idea though. Pretty tempting, passing the time on the lonley beach Anna style!!!

  84. I would want a picture of my mama. It’s been almost 4 years since she passed away, and still, a picture, a memory, or a thought of her can get me through the hardest of days.

  85. Beans. Not baked beans, Jack & the Beanstalk kind of beans. So that my deserted island would be connected to another world, in the land of clouds! Easy to access via my beanstalk.

    I don’t have to imagine anything, or use anything materialistic. This would make my deserted island a bigger place! And not so deserted because who knows what will be up in cloud-a-Gogo-land. 2 dimensional heaven


  86. I would want to take my labrador retriever with me. He would be a good hunting/fishing dog, a geat swim partner, and would give me unconditional love when I am at my wit’s end or become delusional. A dog is always human’s best friend.

  87. I would definitely want to have my horse along with me on a desert island. My favorite book as a child was The Black Stallion and desert island and horses always go together in my mind. I want to canter my horse in the surf.

  88. I would have to say that I would want the survival kit that TJ and Anna had. Without that medicine and water container both of them would have died before being rescued. All the other items would be meaningless if you had an accident or illness.

  89. Would totally need a good knife, would like my hubby to but at least with a knife i have the means to cut open fruit or stab fish ans a small means of protection as well as having a nice shiny blade to reflect signal from the sun for any passing boat.

  90. I would want a big pot. I could catch rain water in it ( to avoid drinking from a nasty pond) and then cook in it when I started to catch fish or chickens. 🙂

  91. Solar Powered IPAD, which of course, would have the kindle app, so I could keep reading!!!! What, no solar powered IPAD’s yet? I’m sure they are working on it. 🙂 Thanks again for the chance to win!! 🙂

  92. A digital camera with an endless supply of batteries (recharges by sun maybe?) And mega huge memory card so I could take pictures of the island and make photobooks to document my stay after I’ve been rescued.

  93. Hmmm…One thing i would want with me on a deserted island…. If I could choose a person it would be my husband, we make a pretty good team. If not, I would bring “Wilson”. He seemed to help Tom Hanks through the worse of being alone 🙂

  94. hmm. i’ll definitely need lots of books. LOL! I can be locked up in my room my whole life as long as I have a continuous supply of books. So if i were to be stranded in an island, i’d definitely need books. plus can i add another request? i’d really want to have TJ too. Oh boy, I wish he’s a real person:D

  95. Hmm….tough choice. I would say a fully loaded Kindle or Nook…which obviously had a solar charger accompanying it. On that fully loaded Kindle or Nook would be survival and regional books…..but it would mostly contain smut. You know..for entertainment and all that.

  96. My ipad, it’s my whole life and book shelf in one! I’d say my husband but eh, I could do without him; wouldn’t want him there whining the whole time!

  97. My Mother taught me not to go anywhere without at least lipstick and mascara. (I read that includes a desert island.) If I was stranded I would for sure need my caboodle full of makeup. I’ll also need any hair products that are specific to humidity. God knows I could’nt entice TJ if I had the frizz-O-rama!
    I would also bring a truck load of diet coke and my Special K with berries. There’s no way I am eating shark, it’s fattening I hear!
    OOooo! And I’ll be the one with the coconut cups and umbrella’s. If we’re on the island I wanna look the part with tropical drinks!
    And last but not least, I’d bring my very own copy of On the Island, because if I’m gonna be stranded I want the best reading material!

  98. Hi Tracey! I’m going to make some assumptions here- you said what would I “want” on an island, not “need”. Of course I’d miss my kiddos and husband terribly, but assuming this is my adventure, I’d want books. I know someone already said that, but I’d go crazy in a week if I was alone without books. At least Anna and TJ had each other!

  99. Go a few days off line and I miss a lot! Ok, on a deserted island I’d take with me…a flint! I WANT fire and I watch Survivor, so I realize how important fire is when on a deserted island! And I just don’t think I have it in me to do the rubbing sticks together thing. Oh, and I’d like TJ with me too (adult TJ preferably!) I heart you Tracey!

  100. i’m not sure what i want but i can use my fingers as a crochet hook and/or knitting needle so i could make clothes from tree leaves to make a shelter. never thought further than that.

  101. I couldn’t go anywhere without a book and music so would have to be my Kindle and IPod. Hopefully there’s someone on this Island to make me cocktails 😉

  102. I would say a smart as hell brain, that could adapt and survive the circumstances. Being able to know how to work with what you have got.

  103. a bookstore. Preferably B&N because they have a Starbucks and I absolutely must have my coffee and if I drink coffee others must too.

  104. Hi Tracey without no doubt I would say a magic wand . With the magic wand I can conjure everything I need on the island and not to forget a handsome hunky guy to accompany me on the island 😀

  105. Chapstick. The classic one in the black tube. I would be absolutly miserable without it. I have 3 in my purse right now. I could only hope I would have one in my pocket if I ended up On the Island…

    1. Oh my gosh! I’m the same way! Yes, has to be the black & white! My hubby thinks I’m nuts and jokes we should own stock in the Company! LOL Glad to hear I’m not alone! 🙂

  106. I would bring a shower with an unlimited supply of potable water. I can’t stand being dirty and the salt in the ocean’s water would kill my hair! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  107. I would want to have a zombie survival kit 🙂 It would contain everything i would need to kill zombies that may attack me and anything too. It would have a detailed instruction book so I would not be left without something to read either.

  108. Hmm.. this is a tough one. Originally I probably would have picked something like a photo album, or my favorite book. Maybe and etch & sketch. However, after reading OTI, baby oil would the the choice. All you need is a drop. It would last forever and give me endless entertainment. The kinda entertainment you don’t want to miss out on for years. lol.

    Then again, if I wasn’t putting my girly parts ahead of everything, I would probably say an assortment of seeds. Because I also love food. And with an assortment of seeds I could sustain myself with the nutrients my body needs. I’m talking about the vedgies that aren’t native to the island.

    Okay, I’m done blabbing now. It’s time to get in the shower! :o)

  109. I would want to bring my family album. I could look at it over and over and never get lonely. And it would give me the motivation and inspiration to find my way back home to them.

  110. I guess it would have to be a good book, or a box of good books if possible. i can’t imagine not having a good book to read. Sitting on a beach right now with no one around and a good book sounds like heaven to me.

  111. I’m goign to steal Jen Lancaster’s answer (reading one of he rbooks and this is what she said about Target)…I want to bring Target with me on a deserted island – that should cover all me needs & wants!

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