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Because I love You All, Day 2

Congratulations to the winners of the day 1 giveaway! 13 signed copies of On the Island (original cover) will be mailed out this week. If you haven’t e-mailed your full name and mailing address to me at, please do so and I’ll get your package ready. Want to find out if you won? Check yesterday’s post and scroll down to the rafflecopter.

Okay, now for the second giveaway. Up for grabs today are 10 signed paperback copies with the beautiful Penguin cover. It’s the one that looks like this:

All you have to do is this: In the comments section, tell me what your favorite scene is from On the Island. Then, make sure you login to the rafflecopter. You must do both to be eligible to win. Once again, this giveaway is open to EVERYONE and if you entered on day 1, you can enter this one, too.
You all brought tears to my eyes yesterday with your wonderful comments. I have the best readers in the world. Thank you!!

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  1. I know this give away is over put I want to comment on my favorite scene. I love when T.J. climbs into Anna’s bed in the hospital. That is where you really see how much they love each other. I can just picture the chaos around them but now nothing else matters to them ’cause they thought they lost each other but now they are found!

  2. finally got it to work ,,,,,hopefully i can still be eligible ,,,
    my favorite part of the book is when they built their house ,,it was then they realized that they needed each other to survive,,,,after they were rescued my favorite part was wanting to be together like then had been for over a year and it was so hard for them ,,,i love how the book ends ,,,love that we are on fb together ,,and i really enjoy the feedback from all your new readers and hearing their comment makes me read the book over and over in their minds eye….thanks Tracey love it !! caren

  3. From a friend,she told me that I MUST read this book, and when I read the review at goodreads, I decided I must have this book no matter what….
    So, thanks for the giveaway…. ^^

  4. So hard to pick just one….I would have to say the part when they are rescued and at the airport seeing their families again. For so many reasons.

  5. Ellen w-s I heve two favorite scenes…. When Anna is on the beach after bathing and TJ is spying on her. Boy TJ

    And when TJ and Anna were apart and TJ offers Anna use of his sperm bank
    deposits in case MR. Right doesn’t come along for her. TJ was willing to give Anna a child even if she didn’t want TJ in her life. my heart broke with his selfless thoughtful offer. Man TJ

    1. I found your book pretty early on being discussed on GoodReads. I have two favorite books this year…yours and Slammed. Such treasures!

  6. I found these lovely book on goodreads.

    One of my favorite scenes in the whole book is (and this is going to sound horrible) is actually when (SPOILER ALERT!) TJ & Anna separate for a while. Anna feels like TJ needs to experience things, etc. This seems like such a horrible scene to pick as my favorite, but the reason I love it is because I can understand perfectly both points of views and felt it was so necessary for them as a couple to go their separate ways. It totally breaks my heart, every time I read it, even though I know it’s coming.

  7. I won a giveaway at my country for on the island, i love the book, it’s rare thing in romance…. i would have be happy if i win again here… 🙂

  8. Hmmm, my favorite scene… gosh, there were many scenes weren’t there? It’s been a while since I read this but let’s see, I really enjoyed the scene when TJ found out that Anna was also rescued.

  9. My favorite scene would definitely be when Anna went home and saw TJ outside of her apartment and he said that he promised that they would celebrate the next Christmas together.

  10. My best friedn suggested your book to me and I LOVE it!

    Fav. scene: When TJ calls home and speaks with his mother for the first time in 3 years. I could hardly see the page through all my tears. Loved it!!!

  11. I’m with picturelady129. “I made arrangements… in case you never find him.”

    But so hard to choose which I loved the most. I finished the book yesterday. I wanted to reach the end but also didn’t want to reach the end – which is a sign of a really fabulous book. Thank you.

  12. Just one scene? WOW! That’s a hard one…I really loved your book! I loved all the island scenes, but I think I really loved when T.J. and Anna were rescued, and they had such a great appreciation for the things we take for granted, such as toilet paper, a shower, a bed, a variety of food, etc.

  13. I just love the characters, I felt like I knew them or at least would like to know them. I also love the ending, it wasn’t how I thought it would end but I loved it.

  14. I have so many favorite scenes, but one of my favorites is when Anna tells T.J. that she doesn’t fit in his world and he replies: “Neither do I,” he said, his expression tender yet resolute. “So let’s make our own. We’ve done it before.”

  15. Oh gosh sooooo many to pick but probably when she knew TJ was rescued……sob!!!!


  16. Every scene in On the Island is great, but I have to say my hands-down favorite is when TJ breaks the news to his parents that his relationship and Anna’s was a physical one. First by telling his father they only needed one room after they were rescued, and then boldly proclaiming to his mother it was his idea to elevate their relationship to that level. Even as a very young man he knew that Anna might suffer some hardship because of the nature of their relationship, and he wanted it all to be on his shoulders. What a very honorable man he was to do that. My number two was how they each practiced marriage vows even when they were on the island, unwittingly. They took each other for better or worse, in sickness and in health, and all the various iterations of matrimony, just without the vows being said before the preacher. Had they stopped to think about that, it might have saved them some heartache. 🙂

  17. This book is so full of little “take my breath away” moments that it is indeed difficult to choose just one. If I had to though, I would choose the scene in the airport after they were rescued. Anna finds out her parents are gone and is crying and when TJ sees her upset he goes to her to comfort her. I think that scene speaks volumes for their relationship and connection.

  18. I haven’t had the chance to read the book although I have heard such great things and those great people have led me to this site and giveaway. Please don’t let my not having read it not allow me the opportunity to receive your book so that I can finally read it. Thanks- Allie M.

  19. My favorite is seriously the very end (don’t want to give it away) because it’s a culmination of everything they went through to be together and it was just beautiful

  20. My favorite scene in the book is when Anna and TJ are in the hospital and finally are able to call home. The book pulled me in, God could you imagine what would be going through the family’s minds. I lost my Mum in October, I know she’s gone, however wouldn’t it be awesome to receive a call from her!

  21. My fav is when TJ comes back to Anna on Christmas, as promised, and Anna asks herself “is my life better with him or without him?” As her wise Mother once said.

  22. It’s hard to pick a favorite scene, but I’d probably have to say it was when they were rescued and Anna finds out that T.J. is alive.

  23. Oh goodness…favorite scene. I liked when they had that double date with her friends and the “extra” guy showed up. TJ handled that whole scene great, and I loved how protective he felt over her.

  24. I like the whole book, but one of my fave scenes, was him watching from the shelter of the tree while she was on the beach.

    ssshhhh…don’t tell anyone I admitted that ;OD I will deny it to said husband. rofl. no but…yup. i liked that scene.

    and again, i loved your whole book!

  25. My favorite scene, however sad and makes me cry each time I read it is, when Anna finds out both of her parents die and TJ immediately comes to her and consoles her. It was such a pure moment of love and their bond together.

  26. The end, when they are back together and have kids. The end was the absolutely perfect way it could have ended. I cried I was so happy! And then I cried because it was over haha.

  27. My favorite scene was when TJ and Anna first kissed. Loved seeing their relationship grow!

  28. This might be impossible!!! You can’t really choose JUST one.
    About EVERY scene while they were on the island was fascinating to me. How they survived and made use out of everything.
    But my favorite scene? It’s not really a scene, its a animal. 🙂 Chicken has my heart.

  29. I LOVED all of the scenes in this book, but my favorite was when they were both rescued and were trying to make sure the other was found as well. I felt like I was living through the whole book with TJ and Anna. This is my favorite book!!!

  30. I read the book a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it very much. I think the relationship between Anna & TJ has no age difference. I loved that! It was hard to accept the book had to end. Great read!

  31. I loved this book and cried and laughed right along with T.J. and Anna so it is very hard to pick just one scene. I think my favorite is when they make love for the first time. I was so ready for Anna to just give in to her feelings! I was a little afraid to read this book because as a former teacher the thought of a student-teacher relationship really icked me out. But you handled this so well and made it easy to identify with Anna and T.J. I was so captivated by their love story. I did like when he spied on her from the beach. After they are found, I cried like a baby when they called their families and then at the end. This book was amazing and I would be all fangirl to get a signed copy!!!

  32. Hi!

    Reading some answers above make me want to read your novel once again! It’s such a wonderful book in which you brought in 3D Life your characters.

    So, I have many, many scenes I love in your book, but I love it when they break up, not because it’s something I wanted as a reader so into the story that I was ready to destroy my iPad, but because it shows how much your characters have flaws and are not perfect but care so much for each other. It’s a wonderful drama that helps us to love even more the end. 😉

  33. I love the part when they get rescued and they getta call their families. It was so sad and exciting and I can say yea I cried. Then they stayed in the nice hotel and went crazy with the food and snacks and toilitries that we all take for granted daily. But then again it really was an all in all good book. Again, it was AMAZING!
    Linda Dake

  34. My favorite “scene” is when TJ comes back to get after getting his life on track and shows her the house. Makes me cry every time!

  35. My favorite scene by far is when they are back on home soil , Anna lets him go to live his life. But he comes back at Christmas as he promised her he would to spend it together and tell her its Forever. And then Ovbviously she jumps into his arms ( as who wouldnt after that declaration of love )
    DEBBIE C is my name, Could nto get it to work through Facebook

  36. My favorite scene is when Anna is rescued and is worried about TJ, then they find out TJ has been rescued as well. I also love all the descriptions throughout the book of the beaches, island life and the sand, swimming with dolphins. Made me want to be there.

  37. I LOVED this book, I love the characters and I couldn’t put it down once I picked it up! I love you made us fall in love with TJ and Anna as well as their love story! It was innocent and pure and totally relatable. I had so many favorite parts, too many to say. My only least favorite part was when they were not together in the mainland but that was necessary to prove Anna only wanted what was best for TJ. Loved it and I didnlt want to leave the Island! Thank you Tracey, I will always be a fan!

  38. I LOVED this book, I love the characters and I couldn’t put it down once I picked it up! I love you made us fall in love with TJ and Anna as well as their love story! It was innocent and pure and totally relatable. I had so many favorite parts, too many to say. My only least favorite part was when they were not together in the mainland but that was necessary to prove Anna only wanted what was best for TJ. Loved it and I didnlt want to leave the Island! Thank you Tracey, I will always be a fan!

  39. My favorite scene is when Anna is rescued and is worried about TJ, then they find out TJ has been rescued as well. I also love all the descriptions throughout the book of the beaches, island life and the sand, swimming with dolphins. Made me want to be there.

  40. I found out about On the Island from friends, and finally sat down to read it the other day. I devoured it. I consumed it in one sitting and loved every flippin minute!!!!

  41. It is too difficult to choose one scene, as I LOVED every scene!!! I encountered so many feelings while reading your book; which I can say has never happened to me before. Cannot wait for your next book, Tracey!

  42. My favorite scene is the very end of the book where you find out Anna’s pregnant with their 3rd child. It’s so wonderful the feelings that stirred within me when I invision their house filled with all their family & friends! It was awesome!!

  43. Hello there!
    My favorite scene is when they finally arrived to the airport and all members of their families plus the press are waitig for them. It is when it finally hits them how much things has changed in the years that they were missing, and most importantly how much THEY have changed. You can tell right away that whether they had a romantic relationship or not after the island, they both were bound together by an unbreakable tie. They would always share those experiences, memories and hardships. I think their bond was thicker than blood at that point. I particularly love the part when T.J. Comforts her through all the media frenzy and they are both unaware of it all. It’s just the two of them and the rest of the world

  44. I actually found out about On The Island from a great indie author named Tamara Rose Blodgett. She told me to read it. I did. I spent the whole night up January 1, 2012–forget that I had to go back to school the next day and teach my little darlings… I finished that book at 3am and enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂

    My favorite scene is the shark one. When T.J. runs out and is trying to wrestle it, and then it comes for him… I nearly died. For real.

  45. My favorite scene is with the dolphins when they first “meet” them and how it seemed like they were there to introduce themselves lol.

  46. When they were reunited with their families.Because of this book I decided to learn how to swim ‘though I am in my forties.Made me reflect and savor even simple things like shampoo and soap. Such a great book.Thank You:$

  47. My favorite part of the book was the first page. It made me aware that the crash was going to happen, and had me sucked in from the beginning.

  48. My favorite scene was when they were eating lunch and the chicken walked out. It just seemed so realistic and it actually made me laugh out loud. Thank you for writing this book and sharing it with the world.

  49. My favorite is when they see each other for the first time after being rescued. This whole book was amazing and full of amazing emotional scenes!

  50. Loved this book read an online review about it…so glad I did. Have recommended to many friends! Ca scene is when Anna tells Tj he is going to make some woman very happy one day, he loves her and his desire is only to make her happy and spend his life with her! His mind is made up!

  51. My favourite scene was when TJ and Anna first kissed. It was really special to read and you can just imagine how long they had both wanted it for and were finally willing to give in. I loved your book and have just bought the paperback version for my mum to enjoy too. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story.


  52. I LOVED when she received the business card. It was perfect. I remember thinking a few times that I wish TJ was a man of a few more words but at this moment I realized that he said SO much with that gesture.

  53. Hey Tracey,

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! 🙂

    I absolutely love your book. I love every part. The angst, the love and struggles both Anna and TJ went through.

    Here’s a couple:

    I pulled my arms out from underneath her body and tucked her hair behind her ears. “I love you, Anna.”
    The surprised look on her face told me she hadn’t seen that coming.
    “You weren’t supposed to fall in love,” she whispered.
    “Well, I did,” I said, looking into her eyes. “I’ve been in love with you for months. I’m telling you now because I think you love me too, Anna. You just don’t think you’re supposed to. You’ll tell me when you’re ready. I can wait.” I pulled her mouth down to mine and kissed her and when it ended, I smiled and said, “Happy birthday.”

    In February, I woke up from a nap. A bouquet of flowers gathered from the various bushes and shrubs scattered around the island lay on the blanket beside me, a small length of rope wound around their stems.
    I found T.J. down at the shore. “Someone’s been checking the calendar.”
    He grinned. “I didn’t want to miss Valentine’s Day.”
    I kissed him. “You’re sweet to me.”
    Pulling me closer, he said, “It’s not hard, Anna.”
    I stared into T.J.’s eyes, and he started to sway. My arms went around his neck and we danced, moving in a circle, the sand soft and warm under our feet.
    “You don’t need music, do you?”
    “No,” T.J. said. “But I do need you.”

  54. Favorite scene would probably be …. When TJ shows up Christmas because he told her they would spend the next Christmas home and he always keeps his promises to her.

  55. My favorite scene is when Anna and TJ determine that they love each other and decide to have a family and have a house of their own in spite of what society says.

  56. One of my favorite scenes – I have a LOT – is when TJ and Anna are left alone in her sister’s apartment for the first time. He throws her on the bed and says, “Let’s see what we have here,” as he removes her top. That scene summarized the two of them pretty well. Their need to be together, her willing submission to this younger man, his captivation by her – it’s a small scene, but a favorite.

  57. Hi Tracey,

    i’m so happy i can join this contest again 🙂

    Sorry Tracey, but i found the question in the rafflecoster is different which your post above, so which i think i will answer for 2 questions then

    i found of the On the island from my friend recommendation and i’d read my friend’s review and i love it 🙂

    my fave scenes is the struggle, sharing and love 🙂

  58. I dno’t know that I can pin-point one…but when they were home and miserable, it was amazing to watch them finally give into what their heart wanted.

  59. I loved your book and many many scenes got to me but the one that made me cry was when T.J. called home and talked to his mom. As a mother I could only imagine that moment after all the years of trying to live with the fact that your son may be dead and then you hear his voice. It killed me!

  60. Favorite scene: When tj and Anna make love for the first time and he asks her if it was a one time deal or if it was something more and will happen againf

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