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Now You’re All Just Making Me Cry – Day 3 Of The Giveaway

***Update: Winners of the day 2 giveaway are now displayed. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and see if the rafflecopter picked you 🙂 If you’re a winner, please e-mail me at I’ll need your full name and mailing address.

Each night, when I’m setting up the rafflecopter for the new giveaway, I read through all the comments one more time. You outdid yourselves with yesterday’s comments about your favorite scene from On the Island.

They made me cry.

Not giant ugly tears like I cried when I wrote some of those scenes. But grateful oh my God, how did this even happen? kind of tears. Once again, words cannot express how much your comments mean to me. Thank you so much.

It’s been over two years since I started writing On the Island, and over a year since I finished it. In some ways I’ve moved on. I’m almost done with my second book and I’m immersed in a new story, with new characters. But reading all of your comments has brought back wonderful memories of those scenes. I remember how I struggled to write some of your favorites. How I re-wrote some of them three different ways before finally deciding which version I liked best. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with me.

Now for day 3 of the giveaway! Two wonderful readers will win a Nook Color. As long as I can ship it to you (via the Barnes & Noble website), you are eligible.

In the comment section, tell me who your favorite secondary character is. I’d love to know if there were other characters you connected with. Also, who would you most like to see in a spin-off story? Here are some of the choices:

Henry Elings
Dean Lewis
T.J.’s dad
T.J.’s mom

I’m having a teeny-tiny bit of difficulty with the rafflecopter for yesterday’s giveaway. It’s chosen the winners but it won’t display them. I’m working on it and as soon as I figure it out, I’ll post the names. There are still 7 of you who need to e-mail me your full name and mailing address from Friday’s day 1 giveaway (so send me your info at

After you leave a comment, make sure you also login to the rafflecopter using your Facebook login or your e-mail address so that you’ll be eligible to win today’s prize.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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  1. My favorite secondary character was Ben. By the way TJ talked about him, we knew he was a terrific friend. I related with Ben when TJ went to live with him– the disgusting college apartment, the college lifestyle, because I have been there. For Ben to have talked at his best friend’s funeral and then years later be able to live with him, must have been surreal, and hard for him to reconnect with his old friend / this new guy who came off the Island a completely grown man. It would be an interesting story. As for a spin off though, it would be a fun story to hear Bones, and to see how he survived vs how TJ and Anna figured it out.

  2. I just reread it because I couldn’t pick who my favorite secondary character was. I have decided that Jane is. I was very impressed with the way she handled the news of her son being with a much older woman VERY well! I wish that I could be that understanding if I am ever in her position. As for who I would like to read a spinoff of…it would definately be Ben! I really hope you do too!!!

  3. I would love to read the “what was going on back home” book. The story of what everyone was doing at home while TJ and Anna were on the island. It wouldn’t have to be from EVERYONES perspective, just a few key players like both sides of parents (Anna’s up until death of course), and Sarah. I LOVE On The Island!!

  4. I think my favorite secondary character would be Ben; it would be interesting to read a spin off of his life after TJ disappeared. It would be hard for it to hold its own though considering he wasn’t all that developed in On the Island. I think a great spin off would be about Anna’s Mom and Dad, possibly sister, as well. Either one of the mother’s stories would be great but since Anna’s Mom lost her daughter then shortly after her husband then add breast cancer. That would be quite the inspiring, amazing story! Thank you for this book! Just finished reading it for a second time. It will never get old!

  5. I loved each character that you created! Each one of them just added to the story but I suppose it would be Ben. He was very high school age appropriate and then college age. I liked the way he was loyal to his friend.
    I would also love to know how Bones got there! 😀

  6. I think Ben would be a great spin off character. He already has so much more background and involvement in the story than the other characters. His loyal friendship with TJ, his drinking and promiscuous ways in college and in the end the girlfriend who reforms him. He sounds the most interesting.

  7. HI, I wish I had come across your blog a few days ago, but I have been reading One The Island and blogging about it. My favorite secondary character would have to be T.J.’s mom, while this isn’t the life she would have picked for her son, she took it in stride. I love when she hugs Anna in the bathroom after the press conference. That would take a pretty great mom to have such empathy for Anna.

  8. I actually wish I would have gone on to this site yesterday, as I would trade a Nook for an autographed copy of my new favorite book any day, but I will say that Ben is my favorite secondary character. I love books set in high school and college, and you did such a fantastic job with TJ’s character, that I would like to see what you could do with Ben! It’s hard to get past T.J. and Anna, though…they were near perfect characters, imo.

  9. Oh gosh, this is tough. Mick’s story is so sad but it sounds like he had such a deep love with his wife that maybe his story would be worth telling. It makes me sad to think about it though. I think maybe Ben. He seems like he was growing up a lot by the end of the book, too.

  10. i would like to see all of their stories…from the time when tj and anna were missing…maybe a chapter or two on each character. how they dealt with them missing and then when they were found!! that would really complete the story for me!!!!

  11. I would love to see a spin-off story with Ben. I think Ben takes on a different view of life and love after seeing TJ and Anna make a life together. I would be SO excited if you have a sequel to On the Island!

  12. Hi Tracey! I find Henry’s portion of the story most endearing but I think I identify with Bones the most. I can relate with his desire to just leave it all behind! 😉

  13. Hi Tracy, I found your awesome book “On The Island” at while browsing for something else, the cover drew me in (I love the ocean). I purchased it for my iPad and started reading it after my hubby went to bed and continued until the sun came up. With little sleep and no housework (not complaining about that :))) sadly I finished the book, mad at myself for reading it so fast and wanting more. I can’t wait for your new book “Covet” to be released and by the way the cover is also very nice.

  14. My favorite secondary character was T.J’s father. I was able to connect with him easily. I’ve always had a strong urge to be a father. When T.J was rescued from the island, I could feel the emotions that T.J’s father was experiencing. It was almost surreal. He is an amazing father. The spin off story I would most enjoy, would be that of the character bones. When Bones’ bones were discovered in the cave the reader was in a way hit instantly with feeling wonder and curiosity. What happened to bones while on the Island? This would make for an amazing spin off, not only because we get to learn of his story but also because we get to see what it was like on the island prior to T.J and Anna. What the conditions were like, what time of year he was there, how long he was there. Things like that. Overall the story of bones would make for an INCREDIBLE spin off that I would love to read and connect with!

  15. Maybe Bones’ story… I actually had a hard time thinking of the secondary characters in the story. That could only mean that it’s time to read it again (yay!). I loved your book, it had been a while since a book made me laugh out loud, yell colorful word choices and cry rivers like On the Island did. When I found your blog and discovered that this was your first book, it made me smile, pat yourself on the back lady, you wrote a really good story. Can’t hardly wait for Covet.

  16. Bones is my choice. I think there is a lot that could weave into the story and I wondered about that part as I read the story…. lots of interesting ideas could transpire!

  17. I’m gonna go with… all of them!! I would love to see a sequel with any one of them but if I had to pick just one I’m going with Ben.. I think Bones story would be sad so he’d be last on my list.

  18. There is interesting perspective possible in Ben’s story. He is in a very real way what T.J could have been if he had never been marooned with Anna. At some point Ben would realize that his best friend has become a better man by surviving adversity and commiting himself to a loving relationship. By trying to understand T.J. and Anna’s experiences Ben could discover his own path to maturity. Without ever seeing it he too would be shaped by the island.

  19. I would like to read a PRE-QUEL {sp?} to On the Island ..TJS parents story having their son diagnoise with cancer ,,how does a young man decide to set aside sperm ? etc.
    through his treatments ,,what happens to their family as this is going on up to the moment TJ boards the plane and goes missing ,,,you could also tie in other characters before that fateful day ,

  20. I would love to hear the story of John. I think it would be interesting to see how he transforms from non-committal to wanting to marry her during her disappearance, and how he handles the whole situation. Not to mention the animosity between TJ and John when Anna and TJ return. Although there is a great list of secondary characters, I would have to say he would be my favorite just for the sheer mystery of the “what-the-hell-is-going-through-his-head” factor.

  21. I would love to see a follow up on Ben. I LOVED the scene when TJ punched him!!! Made me seriously LOL. Thanks again for a FANTASTIC book. Can’t wait for Covet and can’t wait to hopefully meet you in Los Angeles or Des Moines.

  22. Tj’s parents prospective and Anna’s sisters family would be really awesome.
    I love the book. Can’t wait to hear more about a movie!
    All my love

  23. As great as it would be to hear bone’s and Mick’s stories, we know how they end…So they wouldn’t be that long:( But I do think it would be OOOOBER exciting to hear what went on between both sets of parents. You could do it between his and hers (obviously with her parents part ending a little early) But I’d love to hear about the rescue process and then about how each party felt and what they were thinking and about her parents. And then about the call they got telling them that TJ and Anna are indeed alive and their arrival home! I would deff buy it! But then I would but it if it was about Bones and Mick too! LOL!

  24. I identified with TJ’s parents and how they had to deal with the relationship between TJ and Ana once they were rescued. I loved how they handled it – or how it was written! 🙂

    I would like to hear the backstory on Bones. I agree – it must be told!

  25. Debbiejc…. Still cannot get Rafflecopter to work…

    I would love to see how Anna and TJs dissaperance affected all the family and loved ones that were left behind, How they had to comes to terms with them maybe never being found.
    Also would be interesting on how Bones got there and what happened to him.

  26. I’d definitely want to read Sarah’s story. The scene where she tells Anna about their parents’ death was so heart wrenching. It would be interesting to see how she was dealing with everything when she was under the impression that her entire family was gone. Great question! 🙂

  27. I’d like to see a story with Ben as the hero. In some ways I felt sorry for him that his best friend T.J. had grown up and left Ben behind. Ben couldn’t understand and seemed to feel lost. One of the things I liked best about T.J. though was his acceptance of his friend’s feelings and where Ben was in his own life. T.J. understood that the things he’d been through had matured him in ways Ben couldn’t grasp and he hung on to the friendship anyway, helping or trying to help Ben “get it,” You did such a great job with T.J. maturing into a fantastic man, I just know you’d be great with Ben, too.

  28. I agree that Bones would make a great story. But the secondary character I loved was TJ’s mother. She was written perfectly with just the right amount of love for her son, kindness towards Anna, but at the same time real about the thought of her son with an older woman. She was cautious yet let her son make his own decisions. And when he did, she was accepting.

  29. I would enjoy a spinoff with Sarah… how she dealt with her parents’ death alone. How she thought she had lost Anna and how she dealt with John… and it could easily tie in with interesting updates on the lives of TJ and Anna.

  30. I would love to hear Bones’ story too. I can just imagine another book with the same On The Island feel, but not a romance story. It would be really interesting to hear how he tried to survive and what his thoughts were.


  31. My favorite secondary character, believe it or not, was Chicken.I’m a big animal lover, and I know that if it were me on that island I would end up attaching myself to dinner somehow too. I think I remember shedding a tear when they found Chicken had passed.

    As far as a spin-off, I think Bones has earned it. There’s obviously a big story there…how did he get there? Did he go willingly or was there another plane/boating accident that echoed Anna & TJ’s fate? Was he alone on the island, or did he (or she!) end up losing someone to the illnesses Anna and TJ were lucky to survive? Or did the shark get to them, and was coming back for more? It would be cool to get a little back story on some of Bones’s belongings (i.e. the guitar) that directly impacted Anna and TJ’s time on the island. And, I believe you an opportunity to write in another appearance for Mick somehow, maybe tying Bones’s disappearance to him as well?

    Can’t wait for more stories!!!

  32. I loved Mick! Although his part in the story was small, the concern he had for his passengers was HUGE. He tried to save them till the very end! Can’t wait to see who play his part.

  33. I’d love Sarah’s story – there is so much heartache that she had to deal with while Anna was gone … Anna’s assumed death, her parents death … I want to see Sarah get a HEA.

    I would also love Bones story!!

  34. At first I was going to say Ben. Because he really did stick by TJ. But reading all the comments about Bones, that could be interesting too. Especially a Bones prequel like someone else mentioned. Great book! ~ Tracy H.

  35. I lean toward Sarah, Ben or TJ’s mom. Sarah had to deal with so much – losing Anna, then her parents, telling her children, and dealing with John and getting Anna’s things back from him. TJ’s mom would have the whole guilt thing in making TJ go and having the unthinkable happen, then getting the call from him, realizing she missed out on those years, and seeing he’s all grown up and with Anna now. Those are the two I’d be most interested in seeing how they dealt with everything as it was happening, as far as a spin off, Ben would give more room for creativity and have more room for Anna and TJ to play a part!

  36. Bones would make for an excellent spin off book. There’s so much mystery there with who he was, why he was there, and how he died.

    Another great choice would be Ben. Kid went through an emotional shitstorm, so it would be interesting to see how he made it out.

  37. this is a tough one, I know that Bones story would be great but there is no way to tie in current day TJ and Anna and I’d love to see them again. So I vote Ben. think of all the ways what happened to TJ and speaking at his “funeral” could have effected Ben’s life. Grown up ben could be great!

  38. This is a hard question. I love the idea of telling the story of how Bones ended up on the island but that story would have nothing to do with TJ and Anna, it would have to a be whole new story.

    But a story from told from alternating view points of friend and family would be great. How life moves on despite tragedy yet how they are never far from their thoughts.

  39. I feel TJ’s parents make good secondary characters. I’d like to see the struggle they went through when finding out TJ’s plane crashed. The guilt they have over making him go to the island and study rather than leaving him behind and hang out with his friends. This book is amazing. I recommended to my cousins and they both bought it and loved it. Great Job Tracey.

  40. I liked Ben. Even though he’s a little immature at times you know from the way he stuck by TJ during his treatment and the fact he got the courage to speak at TJ’s ‘funeral’ that he’s a true friend.

    However I would love to hear Bones’ story! I admire his bravery in deciding to drop his life in the modern world to try to live out his dream.

  41. I would love to see a spin off story, as for who, uuummmmmmm……maybe TJ’s dorky friend???? Any one of the characters would make for an amazing story, as I loved everything about this one, and you are really talented so I am sure it will be just as good!

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