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On the Island – Now Available in Paperback!

Happy Friday everyone!

On the Island is now available in trade paperback.

See the little box above? If you pull up the Amazon listing for On the Island, scroll down a bit and you’ll see that underneath the Kindle edition it says paperback. Click on it and it will take you to the listing for the book. Want to head over to Amazon now? Click here.

If you’d prefer to read the book electronically, you can choose the Kindle option. If you don’t have a Kindle you can still read the ebook by downloading one of these free reading apps.

If you’re a NOOK user, you can by the NOOK book here.

I’ve got two signed copies of On the Island to give away and Matthew and Lauren are *dying* to draw more names out of a hat. Here’s how to enter: share this on Facebook by copying and pasting the link into your status update or by using the little share button thingie, mention it on your blog, tweet it, or e-mail the news to someone and copy me in (my e-mail address is [email protected]). You’ll automatically be entered to win, but please leave me a comment here or on Facebook so that I don’t miss anyone. You have until midnight Saturday night, and winners will be announced by noon on Sunday. Copies will be hand-delivered if you’re local, or mailed as soon as the post office opens on Monday.

I also have a new author page on Facebook. If you get a chance, please stop by and “like” me. And if you’re on Goodreads click here to send me a friend request. Goodreads is a wonderful place to discover new books and new authors.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has bought the ebook of On the Island. I truly appreciate the outpouring of support I’ve received since the book was released. I’ve made a lot of new friends and every time a reader sends me an e-mail to tell me how much they liked the book, I totally squee! I count my blessings. I want to give an extra-special thank you to those of you who have chosen On the Island for your book club selection. I am honored.

I’m grateful that so many of you have connected with T.J. and Anna. After spending 18 months with them I’m having a hard time letting them go, but it’s getting easier because I’ve got brand new characters to keep me busy.

Covet. Fall 2012.

What if the life you wanted, and the woman you fell in love with, belonged to someone else?

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Can’t you write faster and get Covet out THIS fall? Come on, you have nothing else going on, do you? I am going out to buy a copy of the paperback and I want it autographed next time I see you!

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