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Dudes, Louis From Interview With The Vampire Totally Works In My Building

As some of you know, I work as a contract human resources recruiter for a large mortgage company here in Des Moines (I won’t mention the name but it rhymes with Bells Cargo). My work bff Tami and I usually saunter down to the employee cafeteria in the morning for breakfast and gossip and one day a few months ago we were dumbstruck when we saw Louis from Interview With The Vampire standing in line to get an omelet. Or some o-neg. Whatever. It’s not important. And I mean Louis as portrayed by Brad Pitt because Louis is totally a fictional character and doesn’t actually exist. Anyway, when we spotted him we stood there with our mouths hanging open for a good thirty seconds. We might have also elbowed each other.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to snap a picture of him with my BlackBerry but the zoom function does not work for crap and I couldn’t get close enough without, you know, drawing attention to myself and making him think I was a complete whackadoodle. Which I’m not.

This is what he looks like: Long, blonde hair – sometimes in a ponytail, sometimes down – stubble (just the right amount), and sexy vampire-type eyes. He might also be wearing eyeliner but I try not to stare into his eyes in case he tries to glamour me. And he’s really skinny. Like I could not get one of my thighs in his jeans if someone was pointing a gun at my head. This does not detract from his looks, I’m simply pointing out that he’s tall but very, very lean. Also? He can be wearing anything from a blinged-out hoodie with skinny jeans or a pinstriped, three piece suit from the 19th century (three piece as in vest included). Seriously. And every single woman in the cafeteria is checking. him. out.

But the other day he wore something that I almost couldn’t comprehend and how he came up with this wardrobe choice I’ll never know. Maybe he woke up and thought, hmmmm…..I work at a large mortgage company in Iowa. What should I wear today? Oh, I know! My long, black, fur coat and a fedora (tipped at a jaunty angle, natch). Chicks! Will! Stare!

That’s about as silly as me showing up somewhere in a *poncho, beret, and feather boa, but somehow he pulled it off.

What’s even more entertaining is watching women strike up a conversation with him. Sometimes Tami and I like to watch girls fall all over themselves trying to engage him. And by watch I mean totally eavesdrop which is how I know he bought the fur coat in Greece.

So. I just wanted to tell you all about the guy Tami and I refer to as vampire boy or VB for short. People have a tendency to think Iowans have no sense of style and that we walk around in bullshit denim overalls with corn in our hair.

But let me tell you, there’s a dude in Des Moines that can rock vampire chic like nobody’s business.

*Unless I’ve been drinking and then it makes total sense. Stylish! Unique! Quirky! (but in a good way).

P.S. I apologize for the plethora of exclamation points. I don’t know what came over me.

P.P.S. I also wanted to use the word plethora because it’s a great word and I haven’t used it in a while.

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  1. @Kalinda – You’re not crazy, I’ve noticed it on others’ blog rolls. It DOES have an amperand and #39 and I have no idea why.

    @Shellie – OMG, you would know! Isn’t he just the most um, UNUSUAL guy you’ve ever seen? We cannot figure him out! He’s our morning entertainment 🙂

  2. You know what’s kinda funny (but completely irrelevant to the post)? On my blog profile, for “Blogs I Follow,” yours shows up as

    “funny in the ‘hood”

    …looks rather like cussing, doesn’t it?

  3. Well, even if you had an iPhone with some kind of zoom-paparazzi lens, you wouldn’t have captured him, right? I mean, he’s a vampire, yo. And was that coat bought in Greece, or was it REALLY from Volturi country? Ask yourself THAT question. (A fedora along with it, eh? That’s the first case of vampire-pimp I’ve ever heard of…)

  4. Damn. I wish I worked with you. Like, SO bad. And please…PLEASE blog every day. I laugh out loud in a major way every time I read one of your posts! You rock.

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