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Flashback Friday – I love the 80’s

I love the 80’s and I’m fortunate to have spent my high school and college years in one of the best decades ever, at least from a hair and fashion standpoint. I graduated from high school in 1985 so I have lots of pictures that capture me, and my friends, in all our 80’s glory.

These two pictures were taken while I was a freshman (1985/1986) at the University of Iowa. My dad made a bet with me and Trish that the Hawkeyes would not make it to the Rose Bowl but if they did, he would fly us out for the game. Ha, ha dad! By halftime of the game that would determine they were indeed going to the Rose Bowl my dad was frantically calling travel agents to arrange the trip. Our friend Cindy went with us.

We went to Universal Studios and the first picture is of me posing by the KITT car from the Knight Rider series. The second picture is of me goofing off behind fake jail bars.

Check out my Palmetto Sport cardigan, matching red Forenza shorts from The Limited, and a bandana rolled up to create a headband. I also have color coordinated socks, pristine white Keds, and, if you look carefully, a red and orange Swatch watch on my right wrist. In the picture of me with the KITT car I have added my red Ray-Ban Wayfarers because I am nothing if not completely color coordinated.

Are you wondering why, in the first two photos, I do not have big eighties hair? I was a huge fan of the TV show Double Trouble. I don’t know if you watched it but it was about twin girls (played by Jean and Liz Sagal) who live in Des Moines, Iowa with their widowed father.

I have a twin sister! We lived in Des Moines, Iowa! One time the twins road-tripped to Ames to see a concert and Trish and I had been to lots of concerts in Ames!

I wanted to be Jean or Liz Sagal so bad I thought at the very least I could copy their hairstyle and spent my senior year of high school growing out all my layers.

And it super-pissed me off when they crapped up the series by moving the twins to New York to live with their aunt.

Anyway, the next two pictures are from my sophomore year of college when I finally realized I was A) NOT one of the Sagal twins and B) looked much better (read:sluttier) with big, permed, poufy hair. And C) why I continue to have a love/hate relationship with bangs.

And, apparently, I LIKE MY PETS!

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